The Holiday Drive-In is going to take you back in time this weekend with two classic 80s movies that you won't want to miss on the big screen.

Last year, the drive-in was really one of the only places in the Tri-State you could go to for a while if you wanted to see movies due to the pandemic. They even showed a few concerts too. Granted, we really didn't have a lot of new movies coming out, so they decided to show a few throwback movies. That turned out to be a great call.

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Holiday Drive-In made an announcement last night as to what they will be showing on all six screens this weekend and I think I already know which screen everyone will want to see. Two HUGE cult classic movies are going to be on the same screen this weekend at the Holiday Drive-In. These movies came out in the 80s, so chances are, there are some who love these movies (like myself) that have never gotten to see them on the big screen.

So what are those movies? Screen 5 will be showing ''The Goonies" and "Beetlejuice" this weekend back to back. I grew up watching these movies and would totally go to the drive-in to see them...and eat the double cheeseburgers, of course.

The Holiday Drive-In is open Fridays and Saturdays through the end of October. So if you're a fan of the classics and scary movies, chances are you will have the chance to see a lot more of them ahead of Halloween. And finally, to get you in the Holiday Drive-In spirit, check out some unspoken rules that are things that you should keep in mind...if you don't want to grind people's gears.


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