As you drive around the Tristate, you see lots of eerie, spooky and fun Halloween decorations. Not as many people decorate for Halloween as do Christmas, but the ones that do, do it up right.

For those of us that love Halloween, it seems like the natural thing to do. From huge inflatable pumpkins, to giant inflatable ghosts, from halloween colored lights to carved pumpkins, the decorations in the area, to me, really mark the start of the holiday season.

I can truly appreciate those who decorate their yards, because I never have. I love looking at the decorations, just don’t really like fighting with my husband about the inflatables because he hates them. In our yard, he hates them, not in yours.

We stick to Halloween decorating on the inside. I’m not a great housekeeper so it works out pretty well. The dust and cobwebs go great with my purple glitter pumpkins, my skulls, ghosts and spiders. BTW, the ghosts and spiders came with the house. LOL

On Facebook, I came across these photos of one of the Historic houses in downtown Newburgh and I was in awe. This Halloween display is truly magnificent. The entire yard and some of the inside has become Hogwarts, from Harry Potter books and movies. You can see all of the characters and even some scenes playing out, skeleton wise, right there in the front yard.

Here are some photos that Steve Geis took and they are amazing. He took them during the day so you can see all of the awesome details. Take a look!

Historic Newburgh House Takes On Spooky Harry Potter Theme For Halloween



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