My daughter is four, practically a grown-up! We do a lot together but sometimes our weekends consist of running errands, chores, and scheduled events. So, this Spring, I've made a conscious effort to make plans to do fun things with her that allow us to spend quality time together. One of the things I like doing is hiking and trail riding (horses). Being out in the woods just feels like home and when the temperatures are in the Seventies, staying inside doing chores just doesn't seem right! So, last weekend, we packed our backpacks with a picnic lunch and scooted across the Twin Bridges to Audubon State Park in Henderson, KY. Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL place! We decided to hike the Wilderness Trail. It's a little over a mile and winds around a beautiful lake. And, even if you can't hike, Audubon has a really cool Nature Center and Museum, as well as a playground and camping area!

Here's our first installment of The Adventures of Ashley & Ava. This summer, we have already planned trips to Rough River and even as far away as West Virginia!

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