Hmmm...I've never heard this one before, but it's certainly worth a try!

Let's be honest, boys can be a little messy in the bathroom. Whether you are potty training them or they're old enough to know how to aim when they pee, you are still going to end up with a mess around the toilet every now and then. Little boys, and even guys too, tend to leave a urine smell behind whenever they use the restroom. As a guy, you are either used to that smell or just never notice it. Women, on the other hand, can smell it a mile away. No matter how many times you spray air freshener, the smell still lingers.


If you're one of those who know what I am talking about and are tired of that bathroom smelling like urine, I have a hack just for you!

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Garlic Cloves in Your Toilet?!

Okay, I know this sounds weird, and a waste of good garlic for your pasta but hear me out. There's a hack going viral that says you should be putting a clove of garlic in your toilet at night.  According to House Digest:

All you need to do is take a single clove of garlic and drop it into your toilet bowl before going to bed. As you sleep, the garlic releases its natural aroma, which comes from something called allicin, known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. These compounds work to neutralize odors, leaving your bathroom smelling much fresher by morning.

Now, I wouldn't flush the clove of garlic down the toilet because you don't want it to clog and create bigger problems. So, definitely take it out and throw it away before flushing.

Other Bathroom Hacks

There are a couple of other bathroom hacks that will help you keep your bathroom fresh and clean.  You can use toothpaste to clean your toilet bowl and the interesting part is that you don't have to do any cleaning at all. The hack works with a simple flush of the toilet. The second hack is to use shaving cream to remove the smell of urine from your bathroom floor and the trim around the toilet. Give any of these bathroom hacks a try to see how well they work for you!

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