Spring is here and that means all the animals are emerging from a very long winter.  It also means sweet little babies will be popping up everywhere.  Here's what to do if you find a baby bunny.

Angel here and I have heard so many conflicting stories about what to do when you find a baby rabbit.  I grew up in the country and when the weather got warmer and we began to mow it would never fail we would find a nest of bunnies.  I heard "don't touch them their mother will kill them" or "leave them alone or she won't come back".  Neither of which is totally true.

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If you happen to find a nest just keep an eye on it.  Most likely, the mother is gone searching for food for the babies.  Mother rabbits look for food in the daytime and feed at night.

According to Den Herder Veterinary Hospital:

Baby bunnies don’t have much of a scent to predators. However, the mother rabbit does have a scent.  She has to be cautious when she returns to the nest to avoid attracting unwanted attention from predators.  If she were to sit with the bunnies, her scent would make all of them a much greater target.

If for some reason you come across only one baby try to handle it at little as possible and get it into a clean dry container with vent holes and take it to a local wildlife rescue.  We have a young lady in McLean County named Nikki Christian and she is always rehabbing wildlife.


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