Earlier in the week, we were saddened to learn that three-year-old Oliver Dill from Evansville passed away unexpectedly. And now, the family is facing funeral costs - something they never imagined they'd need.

If you'd like to help fund young Oliver's funeral, a Go Fund Me has been set up for the family.

Ashley Lynne Nanninga posted, "They could use a little break! Please share, like, contribute - whatever you can. She is an amazing mother and they are an amazing family. I have no idea what this will cost the money wise but it should be the last of their burdens. I won’t give up!"

On Tuesday,  July 9th, the unspeakable happened to one of the most wonderful families I know.  With the loss of their sweet Oliver came the public spotlight and judgement. NO ONE should have to grieve the loss of a child no matter the circumstance. They have experienced loss, ridicule, hatred, anger, and deep deep sorrow.  They are grieving the loss of a precious little person while also being thrown into the media spotlight. What they need now more than anything is LOVE.  Please take a moment to consider showing the Dill family love and support through your donation.

Oliver's mom Jaime responded on Facebook, "We appreciate it beyond words. I can't explain how much your support is appreciated."

I personally can't imagine the loss and pain they are feeling. Losing a child must be one of the most excruciatingly difficult things a parent can go through. It's times like these that our community is so good at coming together and rallying around those who are in need. If you have a few extra bucks, consider helping out this family on the worst day of their lives.

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