Each day during his afternoon briefing, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear discusses the importance of all Kentuckians coming together and joining forces to combat the spread of coronavirus.  This story is a prime example of what he's talking about.  The group Henderson Moms Making Masks has rallied support from the community to sew and provide masks for patients and healthcare workers in our area.

This morning, I chatted with Tiffany Willett, who initially started making masks for one of her daughter's classmates.  That classmate was recently diagnosed with leukemia and masks were a necessary accessory.  However, now with a true pandemic on our hands here in the tristate and the U.S., Tiffany's mission has expanded tremendously "especially since Henderson had the confirmation."

So, with the help of her friend Karrie Cleavenger, Tiffany and the crew are enlisting donations and assistance from anyone locally who can provide supplies or sew.

Tiffany says the community "has been AMAZING with donations." In fact, she referenced, specifically, Frank Knight, who owns a local business called Budge Industries.  On Friday, he donated seven full spools of elastic cord, which is necessary for creating surgical masks with snug, secure and safe fit.

Tiffany adds, "We also have our teenagers working on them. One cuts the fabric. One flips the masks when they’re ready for pleating. They’ve been working on making mask kits for others to help!"

Henderson Moms Making Masks
Henderson Moms Making Masks

And this is where YOU come in.  As I mentioned, Henderson Moms Making Masks are enlisting the help of anyone who can sew.  If you can, you can pick up a kit at LandyLane Boutique in downtown Henderson.  

This is a great story and we are so thankful for the work of Henderson Moms Making Masks.  They're a true exemplification of the hashtags #TeamKentucky and #TogetherKY.






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