A local actor has a very cool opportunity but needs your help!

Trevor Purkiser
Trevor Purkiser

I'm a huge supporter of the theatre scene in Evansville as you may have been able to the tell by the amount of times I talk about how awesome our theatre scene is. This past August, the Civic Theatre did a production of Peter and the Starcatcher that starred USI student and local actor Trevor Purkiser. Trevor did a fantastic job in the lead role and really impressed myself and everyone else who saw the show.

His acting not only impressed his friends and family, but at a recent cattle-call audition (an audition where a bunch of people show up to audition for things/no livestock was involved), he also impressed those in charge of the advanced Film and Television Acting Intensive program at the Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California. Yes, someone from Evansville has an opportunity in LA! That's so beyond awesome. The program offers classes such as On Camera Scene Study, Film Technique, From the Script to the Sound Stage, Audition Technique and Reel Development. In addition, Trevor will meet, twice weekly, with industry casting directors, agents, managers, directors and actors in order to better prepare him to navigate the professional world.

The only catch is, as you might of guessed, it isn't cheap. Trevor has started a GoFundMe in order to help fund this endeavor. I don't post a lot about GoFundMe's or people trying to get money because, most of the time, it's just not worth it. I am here to say that this time it is 100% worth it. Trevor is not only a great actor, but just a really cool person. I would hate to see his dreams stalled because of financial reasons. His ultimate dream is to play Peter Parker (Spider-Man) in a live-action adaptation of the character. Imagine if that happens and you were able to help him make that dream a reality. People from our area can make it in Hollywood (Michael Rosenbaum comes to mind), but sometimes, they just need a little bit of help.

You can donate to Trevor's GoFundMe by clicking the link here!

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