This morning, my niece Jacqueline came in the studio to talk about the Riley Dance Marathon happening at Castle High School. We pre-recoreded the interview (not to be too man-behind-the-curtain but sometimes we have to do that when there are time restrictions and schedules to meet). When my sister-in-law and niece went to listen to the interview later in the morning, they found that they were listening to Christian music on 106.1. She immediately texted me.

I hadn't ever had this problem before, and there's a reason why. Maybe YOU are having this issue too. My sis' truck has HD radio and (as our engineers explained to me) if you have HD radio set to HD2, 106.1 in Evansville might come out was WAY-FM, a Christian radio station (that I happen to love but do not work for). I have an old school antenna, so I pick up 106.1 KISS-FM just fine.

So, the quick fix is to just turn it up or down a notch: 106.2-3 or 106-105.9. There's a whole big explanation with HD radio that is all radio-engineery. I just got the quick fix and ran with it. :) So, HD radio users, REJOICE! You can still hear your favorite hits, Rob, Kat, Gavin, Ryan and Nino. And, there's always Listen Live and the RadioPup app. :)

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