Did you know that today is Evansville's 206th birthday?!  I didn't either, until I saw a tweet from our city's fearless leader, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, informing me of today's importance!



*As Lloyd mentioned in his post, Evansville was founded in 1812 by a man named Hugh McGary, Jr.  At the time, McGary purchased the 441 acres of land...  But it WASN'T called Evansville!  Evansville was orignally called McGary's Landing!


*Two years later, in 1814, Hugh McGary renamed McGary's Landing to Evansville, after Colonel Robert Morgan Evans, a Captain in the War of 1812!


*At 248 feet tall, The 420 Building (formerly known as the Old National Bank Building), is the tallest building in Evansville!


*The Fifth Third Bank Building is the second-tallest building in Evansville, and it is the building all of our TownSquare Media radio stations broadcast from everyday including 106.1 KISS-FM!  I'm actually in this building RIGHT NOW writing this article!  If it were 23 feet taller, it'd be #1!


*Major motion pictures A League of Their Own and Back in the Day were shot in Evansville.  The exterior shot of the house from the television show "Roseanne" is here as well.  We've also appeared on "The Daily Show," "Ghost Hunters," "Storm Stories," Prison Break," and many more!


*Evansville is 47.84 square miles!


As of 2016, 119,477 people call Evansville home!


Evansville has 40 zip codes...  And yes, they ALL start with the numbers 47---!



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