Don't throw you old Super Nintendo cartridges away just yet! Nintendo has revamped an old classic with some modern gaming tech and created something really cool! When I first saw this ad I couldn't believe my EYES! I just knew it had to be fake! But low and behold, the gaming Gods have saw fit inspired the engineers at Nintendo to create something that I think is absolutely AWESOME! The Handheld Super Nintendo is the best retro-reborn idea I've seen in a long time! Even better than bringing back the THUNDERCATS cartoon.

Finally, a use for all those old SNES games other than coasters and conversation pieces. Now when one of my buddies starts to reminise about BATTLE TOAD, I can just break out the portable Super Nintendo and relive the good ol' days of gaming. It even has two old school ports on the front to plug in joysticks and allow you to share the fun. Although you'll have to sit kinda close to see the 3.5" screen!

I remember groups of us kids used to gather around the TV, fighting over who would play first and getting frustrated when the cartridge didn't work right and you had to BLOW in the cartridge to make it work. For the life of me to this day, I couldn't tell you how or why that worked, but for some reason, candy breathe and spit spray always did the job!

Can you imagine in this day and age of blu-ray disc, and DLC (downloadable content) games, seeing some kids (or grown-up) sitting at the bus stop, BLOWING into a 6"x4" monster of cartridge by today's standards, trying to get in another round of Street Fighter II or Super Mario brothers before school? How cool is that? Were you a Super Nintendo Fan? If so, then this Handheld unit is for you.

According to, "The new Handheld, known as SupaBoy, is designed to mimic the controller from the SNES with an additional 3.5 inch LCD screen. This means that the controls are exactly the same as in any ordinary SNES game. It’s party piece? It can play original SNES cartridges due to a top loading port. It also has 2 front loading ports that allow you to connect your full size SNES controllers, and a Audio.Video out that allows you to play on a TV screen"..HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Let me know what you think...