A couple of years ago, I had the chance to see Hamilton on Broadway.  It took me two years to finally get tickets to the show, but it was totally worth the wait.  Since then, lots of folks have had the chance to see the original cast perform the show courtesy of the Disney app.

Well, if you have seen the show, you're going to love this.  A family in Utah has created a Christmas light show that is Hamilton-themed.

And as cool as that is, this is cooler.  The Hamilton display is just one of many in the holiday playlist this year.  Here's a sneak preview of all the displays the family has in rotation this season.

In addition to brightening up the block and spreading holiday cheer with their amazing sound and light shows, the family is also spreading cheer by donating to charity.  This year, they're raising money for United Way of Utah County and they've made it easy for anyone who has enjoyed or been moved by their displays to donate.  If you're inspired by their Hamilton tribute and want to donate, you can do so by texting Meridian20 to 71777.

And, don't forget!  Here in the tristate we're celebrating Christmas lights in our own way with Christmas Lights Touring Nights, our own soundtrack for when you're out this weekend taking in the local Christmas light displays.  Join us from 5pm to 7pm Saturday, December 19th for a festive and fun two-hour show!

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