Not since the mullet set the dividing line between sophisticated and Billy Ray Cyrus has hair caused such a stir.

Meet Alberto Olmedo, a hairdresser who owns a salon in Madrid and uses what can best be described as unorthodox methods when working with his clients.

He creates magic using a blowtorch and swords and, as you can see, he looks like someone Derek Zoolander would swear by.

Olmedo, who is considered a real-life Edward Scissorhands, says his methods are "medieval," which makes you wonder if this is the only profession you can pull that off. You're not going to go to a doctor whose training never went beyond "Drink this magical potion," right? You're not going to ask for a loan by approaching an alchemist, are you? You wouldn't dream of hiring a lawyer whose idea of justice is to pillage the accused's entire village, would you? Would you?

Olmedo is the first to admit that "sometimes you have to use a bit of your imagination to get positive results," which also means "You should know that getting your done in his salon is potentially afire hazard."

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