If you're thinking about pursuing a rap career, you might want to think again, because the money and jewelry won't save you when bullets are flying right at you. That was the case for Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Meek Mill, and 2 Chainz this week during the making of the "Buy Back the Block" in Atlanta.

According to TMZ, the rappers were on top of a rooftop when bullets began flying nearby, forcing them to duck for cover. Fortunately, everyone was fine. Police say that the gunshots came from a nearby apartment complex. Atlanta PD received a phone-call about shots in the area, but no injuries or arrests occurred. Luckily, the incident didn't deter the rappers from finishing the video either, as they completed shooting it without any difficulty afterwards.

As for the record itself, there's no information as to where the song will live. Maybe this will be a fresh cut under the stash for MMG's fourth installment of Self-Made? Gucci Mane did say thatThe Return of East Atlanta Santa will drop before the year's end, so maybe it'll lan there? We'll keep you posted on any further developments.

Big business.. Black bottle boys

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#Buybacktheblock video set.. #BLACKBOTTLEBOYS

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This a Movie! #Buybacktheblock coming soon!! @laflare1017 @ryanlsnyder

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