Yeah, this will make your skin actually crawl.


We all know that one guy who will offer to give you a "sweet" tattoo for $20 in his garage. Obviously, you should never do this for an infinite amount of reasons. One of those reasons is that you have no idea where they got their supplies from. In fact, they could have come from a literal dumpster.

Addison Edge, one of the talented artists at Revolution Ink Studios, shared this on Facebook today, warning the dangers of "at-home" tattoos:

Yes, someone actually went through a dumpster of used tattoo supplies to find stuff to take. Could anything be grosser than that? If someone offers you an at-home tattoo, just say no, because your tattoo will probably probably be dumpster quality.

Also, you'll probably get hepatitis (or HIV).

For more information on Revolution Ink Studios (a reputable tattoo place), click here!

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