Not only do I have my own mom to shop for on Mother's day but I also have the pleasure of buying gifts for my husband's mother and a few other special ladies in my life.

I've been scouring the corners of the internet and locally around Evansville to find cute and personal gifts. Here's my best advice...

Best Gift for a New Mom

This might sound small but I LOVE SD cards. My husband bought me a 32 GB and it never runs out of storage.

Now, if have the extra dough or REALLY love that new mom, get her the high end DSLR camera to go with the SD card because I can promise you that there is no better gift than high quality photos of your kids throughout childhood. I have the SONY A37and I love it. Just make sure the one you choose is really easy to work and the automatic setting takes fabulous pics.

Best Gift for a Just-Like-Mom

if you have ladies in your life that are just like a mom, count yourself lucky. Loving your own rotten kid is one thing - loving someone else's is a whole new ballgame. If you want to get her something small, go with a really pretty potted plant. You can get pre-arranged flowers from places like Colonial or check out Bueler's IGA for an assortment of easy-to-carefor potted plants for under $2.

If you want to guy high-end, I'd suggest an Oragami Owl necklace. You can fill the pendant with baubles that are special to her.


Best Gift for Mothers-in-Law

This one is tricky because it has to say this is from my spouse (your child) and myself. I love being able to give "experience" gifts because you don't have a cluttery item hanging around your house for years to come. Instead you've made memories.

I'd suggest a day trip to Dinosaur World or Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden (if you have kids), tickets to a gala, wine tasting event or a trip to Louisville or French Lick without the sprouts. You won't have more than a two-hour drive, and the in-laws will love spending time with your family.

OR if you can't stand your in-laws for that amount of time, treat her to movie tickets that she can use with someone else!


Best Gift for Your Own Mother

Wow, this is the big one. You have NO idea what parents really go through until you've become a parent yourself. My suggestion is to listen to your mom throughout the year and pick up on the little things she wants. You can definitely get her more than one item on the list. Here are some examples:

  • Favorite magazine or newspaper subscription
  • Brunch at a local restaurant
  • An old fashion photo album or updated photo book complete with pictures from the past
  • Real pearl earrings - pearls go with everything
  • A tabletop firepit with marshmallow and hotdog cooker for her patio - grandkids love this
  • Season pass to a local theme park - so she can take your kids as many times as she wants!


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