I don't know about you, but my yard is swarming with mosquitoes.  We have so much rain, those little boogers have multiplied like rabbits and are EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, I cannot walk outside without being attacked by the little bloodsuckers.  I feel like I'm on the set of that HBO show True Blood.  They're are little vampires with wings all over the place.  I even thwacked one inside my house over the weekend.

I have been looking for ways to get rid of them.  My friend Lee Ward recently asked her Facebook friends how to get rid of them.  A couple of folks suggested a Dynatrap, which, I must admit, looks awesome.  I am seriously thinking about getting one for my front porch and the back patio.

However, I also stumbled across this option.  It's a homemade mosquito repellent and it only requires three ingredients.  Check it out!


1/2 quart of alcohol

1/2 cup whole cloves

1/2 cup baby oil (or other similar oil: almond, sesame, fennel)

I know what you're thinking.  Yes!  That's a lot of alcohol.  The goal here is to make the mosquitoes drunk so they'll just stumble and fall off you when they land . . . like they have failed a field sobriety test.

Now, here's what you do with that 1/2 quart.  You marinate the cloves in the alcohol for 4 consecutive days.  And be sure to give them a nice stir each morning and each evening.

After four days, you can add in the oil.

The homemade repellent is now ready to use.  Simply rub a few drops into the skin on your arms and legs.  I know.  I know.  That's VERY Silence of the Lambs, but do it.  Rub the lotion on your skin or else you get a mosquito bite again.

Now, I have to admit.  I have never used this recipe.  I have absolutely zero if it works.  I have no clue if it will cause you to break out in hives.  I am not doctor or a scientist.   I, quite frankly, just found this recipe here on the internet.  However, it will allegedly keep the mosquitoes away.

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