Angel here and I have died and gone to shoe heaven.  You can get Golden Girls converse canvas shoes and they are AMAZING.

If you know me you know I am the ULTIMATE Golden Girls fan.  I have seen and memorized every single episode of all seven seasons and some of Golden Palace.

The girls take me back to my childhood when momma and I would spend our Friday nights watch TGIF and enjoying pizza together.  The good ole' days.

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Since momma has passed I watch the Golden Girls so I can feel close to her again.  My children love them and can even quote lines from different episodes.

My best friend Jamie and I share an equal love for the girls and have shared everything from DVDs to our favorite one-liners.  We have created the tradition in our years of friendship to gift one another different Golden Girl items from t-shirts to ornaments.  If you find a friend that loves the Golden Girls hold on tight to them they are good people.

I was super excited in the middle of a work meeting to discover while I was listening intently to the conversation there is a website called and they have all the Golden Girls gifts you have ever wanted.

Well, I did it.  I fell down the rabbit hole and ordered them.  I am pumped.  You all know I'm cheap and these shoes are more than I care to spend on any one item but, the stimulus check is hitting the bank soon and one little crazy purchase won't hurt right?!  It's like having that extra piece of cheesecake while having a late-night talk with friends around the kitchen table.  I NEEDED them.  At least that is what I have told myself.



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