With the weather starting to warm up...or so we thought...I decided to hop on the bandwagon and make my own "Evansville rock." 

Turns out, painting rocks is actually kind of fun and therapeutic. I haven't concentrated that much since high school. Me, my mom, and my niece all sat down yesterday during the blizzard and decided to make our own rocks to hide around the Evansville area.

Evansville Rocks has been a thing for a couple years now, and I've always thought it was neat. My Grandma found a rock on her front porch a couple weeks ago and took it all the way to Arizona to re-hide it. So, someone across the country might find a rock from Elberfeld, Indiana. The concept is neat and exciting. Plus, it's a family friendly activity that gets you out and moving - I'm all for that!

We bought a rock kit at Michael's craft store, since most rocks outside were icy from the unexpected winter storm. The kit also ensured we had the right paint so it wouldn't wash off in bad weather.

Here's how mine turned out:


I signed it, kind of, to make sure whoever found it knew it was legit. I thought I did a decent job considering I was painting a literal rock.

So, I challenge you to go find my 106.1 KISS-FM rock. I want to follow its journey and see where it ends up!

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