Have you ever experienced something that you could not explain? I  mean something that defies the rules of reality. The kind of thing that makes you question everything around you? I had a moment like that while leaving work in the building parking garage.

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It felt like a glitch in the matrix. I was blown away by what I saw and I, seriously, just wanted to collapse into a fetal position. It made me numb and blew my mind.

Before I tell you what happened, I want to make sure we both agree on what a glitch in the matrix means.

What is a glitch in the matrix meaning?

 Newsweek describes a glitch like this,
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I can honestly say that that is exactly what happened to me. Here's my story.

Woman experiences a true glitch in the matrix leaving a parking garage.

When I'm at work, I have to park at the very top of the parking garage on the sixth floor. As I was leaving work the other day, I passed by a vehicle that had its lights on. The vehicle was a large white GMC Yukon Denali SUV.

I was afraid it might not see me and start to pull out, so I slowed down and looked at the vehicle to see if the driver knew I was there. What I saw were two men in the SUV. The passenger had dark hair and a light-colored button-down shirt and the driver had light hair with a similar light-colored shirt. The driver had one leg in the SUV and one leg out of the SUV with the door open. I couldn't tell if he was getting in the vehicle or getting out of the vehicle.

As I slowly passed by, they both looked right at me with no expression on their face, with no movement.

I continued to circle around the levels of the parking garage until I approached the second floor. When I came around the corner, I saw the same exact vehicle with the same exact two men, doing the exact same things, wearing the exact same shirts.

There was no way they could have passed me. There is no other way out or down the parking garage. It was the same SUV, facing out, lights on, some passengers, same exact reaction, same parking spot only different floor. It was the same exact scene or vision I had on the second floor that I had on the fifth floor two minutes earlier.

Filled with confusion and disbelief, I slowed way down to get a really good look because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I couldn't figure it out. It was the craziest thing I have ever experienced or seen in my entire life, and I've seen some crazy stuff.

I've seen things that I thought might be a ghostly apparitions. I've heard unexplainable noises and seen things that felt like maybe deceased relatives were giving me a sign. I even think I've seen a UFO before. I sense things and feel others' emotions and pain all the time. As I said, I've experienced some very crazy, unexplainable stuff.

All of that is nothing compared to what I experienced in that parking garage.

To think that there might be some sort of glitch in the matrix of my own reality or your reality was too much for me to wrap my mind around. I'm trying not to be obsessed with it. I'm trying not to be obsessed with trying to figure it out and just let it go. But, my need to try and find an answer for everything, it keeps me from just accepting it as something strange.

Maybe over time, I will, but for now, I'm still carrying that eerie feeling.

The thought of another reality or altered state is the subject of a documentary that came out last year.

Take a look.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Experienced a glitch in the matrix? Please let me know I'm not alone. LOL

If so, let me know. Shoot me an email, HERE.


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