Don't Take The Girl put Tim McGraw on the Map in the mid 90's.  Angel here and it was one of my absolute favorite songs as a young teen girl.  It's one of those songs you think no one else could even possibly sound good singing it.  Well, Tim cut a version of the song with singer Blanco Brown and it is magic.

Blanco Brown is the whole package.  He sings, writes and produces.  In 2019, he put himself into the music scene with "The Git Up".  He's from Atlanta but that didn't stop him from digging into those deep country roots.  The song is very much a crossover hit pulling in over 80 million YouTube views alone.

According to Tim McGraw's YouTube page this is how the two met and decided to collaborate;

I saw a story recently about Blanco Brown growing up in Atlanta, spending summers in the country with his mom and aunty.  He mentioned that “Don’t Take The Girl” was one of the first country songs he was turned on to.   When I heard our paths were finally gonna cross in Australia, I reached out…and this is how it went…. I’m a fan.

The song is amazing.  Blanco says he loves the way Tim tells a story.  You know the mark of a good song when it can give you the same feelings you had the hundredth time hearing it as you did the first.

When I listened to them sing together I had goosebumps and immediate tears.  It's a beautiful thing.  You just have to listen for yourself.

Do you remember when Tim was featured in the Nelly song "Over and Over?  I think he could literally sing the phone book and make it sound amazing.

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