Who knew pumpkins could be so dangerous?

A family sitting around the table getting ready for Halloween by carving pumpkins got a fright when one of the children wedges her into one of them and got it stuck. There's jack-o'-lantern and now there's Jacqueline-o'-lantern. It's a big pumpkin (okay, not this big, but still pretty large), even if it's not as creepy as this vomit-spewing one.

How does the family react to the scariest pumpkin not Trump-inspired? Fear? Panic? Confusion? More like amused.

The mom summons the dad, as if dads are well-versed in slipping craniums out of oversized gourds. It's one of those lessons you learn in Dad Prep 101. Meanwhile, the mother, sensing this is anything but a crisis, turns the camera on herself and declares, "This is how we roll. Total crazy. Total chaos."

Eventually, the father arrives to lend some paternal wisdom to the situation. How does it end? Well, we don't see the girl being liberated, but a follow-up video proves she made it out to tell the harrowing tale.

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