This is about as uplifting as it gets.

Watch as Lacey Parker, a 10-year-old girl with Down syndrome from Stonewall, La., learns she made the cheerleading team at North DeSoto Middle School.

Lacey's mom proudly shared the clip of her daughter's reaction on Facebook. Give me a V, give me an I, give me an R, give me an A, give me an L because the clip went viral, closing in on four million views on Facebook.

After discovering she made the cut, Lacey, who has two older sisters who cheered, jubilantly exclaims "I made it" and then jumps around like the happy little girl she is.

It's quite a moment for Lacey, who doctors didn't even expect to live for 10 days after she was born. As her mother says, "Down syndrome is a label, it's not who she is. She's an amazing little girl who strives to do whatever she wants to do."

Can't even put into words how excited she is!!!! I am the proud mom of an NDMS cheerleader!!! (Again) lol

Posted by Renee Parker on Friday, May 1, 2015

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