OMG!  Angel here, Joe and I took a long weekend to the mountains and stayed in a cabin called OMG!  The views were amazing and the inside was perfect.  You have to see it for yourself.

As OCD of a person that I am I hardly ever truly plan out getaways.  A few weeks ago I attended the Young Leaders Luncheon at the Owensboro Family YMCA and bid on the cabin and got it.  I excitedly came home and told Joe we are getting out of Owensboro like ASAP.  I booked the cabin with American Patriot Getaways the next day and even paid for an extra couple of days.

One of the best parts of the stay was that we were literally less than a fourth of a mile from the strip in downtown Gatlinburg.  However, we could not hear the traffic where we were located.  We could walk to wherever we wanted but we did drive and park in the parking areas.


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