It's been 25 years since we let Rita out of that space dumpster.


I don't want to go all "ONLY 90'S KIDS REMEMBER" on you, but 25 years ago today, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers debuted on Fox Kids and my life was changed forever. I was obsessed with Power Rangers as a 5 year old. I had no idea a show could be so cool. Heck, before Power Rangers, I didn't even know you could kick a person.

I'm not going to rehash the storyline that you already know about teenagers with attitude and color-coating attire to race. Instead, I want to give you my top 5 favorite monsters from the original Power Rangers series. I'm only including monsters that Finster made, so don't @ me about the Green Ranger being left off.

Make my monster list grow!

5: Pumpkin Rapper

Do you like hip-hop and Halloween? If you answered yes, then Pumpkin Rapper is the monster for you. I don't know why we needed a rapping pumpkin on this kids show but we got it and he was amazing. Despite being ridiculous, he's probably better than most wannabe's on SoundCloud.

4: King Sphinx

This guy was the real deal and one of the episodes I most vividly remember from that first season of MMPR. It was one of the first times a ranger had to fight a monster alone and also a time when Goldar got to get out and kick some ranger ass. I'm still bummed out I never got a toy of King Sphinx as a kid.

3: Terror Toad

You can't leave a monster off the list who had no problem eating the Power Rangers and wearing their faces on his stomach. This guy was the real deal and was all kinds of gross to look at. Also, the Power Rangers defeat this guy by (essentially) cutting his throat - which kills most things.

2: Eye Guy

If you are talking about most recognizable villains from MMPR, you have to mention Eye Guy. He's a guy, made of eyes. He also has one of the coolest designs of any monsters on the original series. His episode involves kidnapping a child because 1992 was a different time and you could just do that on a kids show.

1. Pudgy Pig

Pudgy Pig is probably the best monster of all time just because of how ridiculous the whole thing is: It's a pig that is mostly face (wearing a Spartan helmet because why not?), without pants on who wanders around with a giant knife and fork despite never using them to eat. I really can't get over how flesh-colored they made him and the not wearing pants things. Even my 5 year old self was thinking "This pig is flashing his non-existent junk at everyone." I believe his episode was the first time that the Juice Bar got trashed, which would become a staple of the series. Seriously, Ernie, just open a shop somewhere else or work at Orange Julius.

There you have it. Those are my favorite monsters from the original Power Rangers. Did I leave anyone off? Comment below!

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