I'm definitely cursed.

Gavin Eddings
Gavin Eddings

To see your favorite team play in person is a real treat. You get to be part of the action and your cheering can help your team will out a victory. That is unless you're me, in which case you become a curse to the team you are rooting for and you get to watch them lose 5 times.

This past Friday night, I took in a Cubs/Cards game in St. Louis to root for the Chicago Cubs. The Cards haven't been great this year (which I thoroughly enjoy) and the Cubs have been hot as of late. Surely, this would be the time for me to celebrate a victory in person. Nope. Cubs lost 2-5 after Mike Montogomery forgot how to pitch like an MLB pitcher and Ian Happ proved he was no Kris Bryant at 3rd base.

It's a bummer to see your team lose in person, it's even worse when you've never seen a pro-team you root for win. I've been to two Colts games and now three Cubs games. Every time, I leave disappointed. It's usually late-losses too. Get them hopes up only to be crushed.

In the case of the two Cubs/Cards games I've been to, they have both been great games for Cards catcher Yadier Molina, who is, without a doubt, the player I hate the most in all of professional sports.

Basically, what I'm saying is that if you want a team to lose, just send me to the game to root for them. The only way this works out for me is if someone gets me Cardinals season tickets and a bunch of Redbird gear. Until that happens, I'll keep seeing games and hoping, just hoping, I don't go 0-6 in seeing teams I love win.

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