Yep, baby pics are coming!

Gavin Eddings

While Maddie has been getting much deserved attention for becoming a first-time mom, I have to steal some of the spotlight as I became a first-time uncle last week!

My sister and her husband welcomes their first child, Ivy Olivia, into the world on June 1st, 2018. I try to be cool and be above thinking kids are great or whatever, but man, she's pretty great.

Gavin Eddings

She was born two days early but is happy and healthy. I can't wait to tell her about all the cool stuff I'm into and be the cool relative she goes to with problems because her parents are lame.

And just a warning, the photo below may make your ovaries hurt because Gavin holding a baby lovingly is pretty cute.

Gavin Eddngs

Welcome to the world Ivy!