Prepare to feel things...

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On Friday I was lucky enough to perform in the Heavensville Drag race along with some other local celebrities. It was an absolute blast and I really enjoyed trying something different. We were able to raise a ton of money for the Tri-State Alliance Holiday AIDS Project.

You're probably wondering where the pics are. Well, here they are!

Gavin Eddings

Here I am hanging out with Gretchin and Drew from The Best Day Ever!

Gretchin Irons

Here's myself and my mom. She thought she only had one daughter...

Gavin Eddings

And here's a shot with my mom and dad. My dad was super cool about me taking on this endeavor. Snaps for him!

Gavin Eddings

It was a lot of fun doing drag and I'd do it again for charity. However, it's way too much work to do on the reg. I did receive the greatest compliment of my life when another drag queen told me "Oh, you a tall bitch."