Can you believe?!

Netflix's "Queer Eye" Celebrates 4 Emmy Nominations With GLSEN
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Halloween is my favorite holiday. I take a lot of time planning out my costume and making sure I look amazing. Picking who I want to be each year is always a challenge. This year, I had no question of who I wanted to be. I wanted to be Jonathon Van Ness from the Netflix series Queer Eye.

If you don't know who Jonathon is, please acquaint yourself now:

He's basically everything amazing rolled into one human being. This year, I wanted to pay homage to his totes gorg self.

Gavin Van Ness
gavin van ness 2
gavin van ness

And I've had to help my co-workers be their best self by giving them some Queer Eye-style makeovers.

Wonder Woman needed a little help in the hair department:

And Chucky from Rugrats just needed to open up their face and show off their true self:

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