Gavin had a great time at Lincoln Elementary School's Peter Pan


Last Friday, Ryan and I checked out the Lincoln Elementary School production of Peter Pan. We were invited by Mrs. Kensington Eck, their vocal teacher. Kensington puts on productions at Studio 3-2-1 with her group Think Pink Productions. I was very excited to see how a children's production would turn out.

The show was a joy to watch. It was funny and charming and everything you'd expect from a group of 2nd and 4th graders. They took the show serious and really put on a fun show.

Every child had a part to play, whether it was acting as the main characters of Peter Pan or Captain Hook (or Hooks, as there were two of them), or if they were running the music. They even had professional audience members. The show was a lot of fun to see and Kensington did a great job in keeping the kids focused.

This show was a lot of fun and all the students should be proud of their work!


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