Garrett Leonard's mom, Cindy, and I were girlfriend and boyfriend in the 4th grade at Thruston Elementary School.  We have shared a decades-long joke that if she had played her cards right, I could have been Garrett's father.

Well, as life would have it, I did eventually achieve a faux parental/guardian role in Garrett's life.  I have morphed into a somewhat of a fairy godmother to him.  LOL!!  And, well, I'm excited to wave my wand and share the news today that my incredibly talented godson Garrett is set to release a brand new song.  He's been teasing the release of "Stay the Night" for a few weeks now.  The big day- the official drop- is Friday, August 20th.  Yes, we're just hours away from Cinderfella barreling into the ball.

Earlier this week, I got a sneak preview of the song and Garrett gave me permission to share a clip with you.  Check it out!

"Stay the Night" will be available tomorrow on Spotify, Apple Music and in the iTunes store.  Oh, and let's not mince words here.  Garrett wants you to buy it.  It's 99 cents. To paraphrase the great Bette Midler's discography-  From a Distance, you look like a friend!  You're the Wind Beneath His Wings, so be The Rose and buy his friggin' song.

Garrett, who currently works in the music licensing business, has been writing and recording his own demos for years.  He wrote "Stay the Night" a couple of years ago and finally got the chance to record it.  It's clear he achieved the "summer" vibe he was aiming for.

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I have known Garrett since he was a child and worked with him both at Goldie's (his grandma's place, by the way) and when he was in the Musical Theatre Department at Daviess County High School.  He has always had a big voice and an even bigger personality.  He admits he's spent the last few years really focused on cultivating his writing style and sound and he's "really happy with the way this (song) turned out."

Since graduating DCHS, Garrett, in between various cross country trips to see Celine Dion in concert and clear her merch table with his Venmo account, has been pursuing some rather ambitious goals and dreams.  He moved to Los Angeles for a couple of years and has since landed in Nashville.  His ultimate dream?  He wants to be "the male version of Bette Midler."  Garrett wants to do it all- act, sing, do comedy.

I would like to introduce into evidence- Exhibit A.

Sheila Hopewell
Sheila Hopewell

Clearly, Garrett's got the comedy part covered.  And, thanks to that pillow, some other areas are covered as well.

While the release day of "Stay the Night" is certainly momentous occasion for Garrett, he's already looking ahead to the future.  He promises, "This is just the beginning."  I know him.  I believe him.  And I believe IN him.

Go, get 'em, Bette Jr.

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