With fall weather flowing into the Tri-State, I can't help but to want to play corn-hole and sit around a bonfire. Something about fall brings me a sense of coziness and peace. I bought a fire pit a few years back and it was one of the best purchases I ever made. It only cost me about $50 and always gives me the perfect opportunity to crack open a cold one and relax.

In other scenarios, bonfires mean binge drinking and yard games...and that's fun too. The things I like most about fall parties is that they're versatile. They can either be really chill or a heck of a good time. As I get older, I look more and more forward to the chill kind of bonfires. I even decided to start having a game night at my house regularly. I mean, I'm really committing to this adult thing.

So, speaking of games, I thought about how I could incorporate game night into a bonfire night. Turns out, there's tons of cool games you can play outside in the chill of fall.

I've put together a list of games that I'll be trying during my next bonfire. Feel free to incorporate them into your next fall party! Or, use them as a way to keep the kids entertained for a bit.

> Roll the pumpkin.
For this one, each person has a pumpkin and a broom. It can be relay-style or just one-on-one. Either way, each person tries rolling the pumpkin with a broom to the finish line. Sounds easy enough, but pumpkins aren't as round as you'd think. You could jazz this up however you'd like...for example, the loser has to chug a beer or something (I don't recommend the beer chug if you're having the kids play this).

> Leaf Pile Race.
For this one, you'll need some hula hoops, a lot of autumn leaves, and a couple rakes. Set a timer and the person who can gather and carry the most leaves and set them in their hula hoop wins. You also get some help with raking...this one is perfect for the kids.

> Drunken Artists.
This time, you get to show your artistic side. Each player gets some paint and (after a few beers) paints their best face/design on a pumpkin. Winner gives out a shot, or gets a "prize."

> Concoctions.
For this one, round up some fall beverages. Egg nog, apple cider, pumpkin spice latte, Baileys, Fireball, Rumchata, or anything else you can typically find in a fall drink. Make up your own "concoction" using a few of the ingredients and have a person guess what's in the drink.

> Pumpkin Pong.
This one is kind of a hybrid of beer pong and horseshoe. Get a couple pumpkins and some glow-in-the-dark necklaces. Once it's dark out, play against another person(s) and see how many rings you can get around the pumpkin stem. For each one you get on the stem, the opposing team takes a sip.

Any of these could be used as an adult or children's game. I just like to incorporate alcohol into most games I play. Sorry about that.

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