So, I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here.  Or maybe I am.  I've had this theory since 2009 and I've now found more proof to further my argument.  I've attached my original article under this recent update, but the point is, I'm here to prove that Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of Paris Jackson.

By the way, I will reiterate: THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS.  I am not making fun, I am not shaming.  I don't think there is any reprehensible about this...  I just know I'm right...  In my opinion.


Here's the latest piece of the puzzle, straight from Paris' Instagram account.  Over the weekend, she and her "Godfather" Macaulay got a strange MATCHING TATTOO of a spoon.  Why a spoon, I couldn't tell you.  But how many people get matching tattoos with their Godfathers?  No no, they got these matching spoons because they are father and daughter...  Take a look!


To follow, here is my original article contending that Macaulay Culkin in the biological father of Paris Jackson:


If you are an avid listener of my radio show you've probably heard me spout off about this theory a time or two in the past, but now it's time for me to get this out there in writing.  I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of at least one of Michael Jackson's children.  Probably all of them.


I CANNOT prove this theory to be true, and I also don't want to cast any shame or insults towards anybody involved because I don't think anybody really did anything "wrong."  But this is something that, in my head, I know is true.  I'll present to you the facts and theories I have, and you can be the judge.


Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin had a relationship dating back to the early 90s, when Macaulay was very young, after the movie Home Alone was released  (see video below).  Their relationship was certainly perceived by many to be quite ODD to say the least, if for no other reason than their prominent age-gap (22 years separates them, which is even stranger when one is 12 and the other is 34).  Again, I'm not going to pass judgement. The relationship became even more heavily scrutinized especially after the allegations that Michael had inappropriate relationships with children beginning in 1993.  (For the record, I do not think Michael Jackson sexually assaulted children, but what do I know?)  Michael was eventually cleared of these charges.


Michael Jackson was rumored to have been obsessed with Macaulay.  I can't direct you to a specific article or video that proves this, but I can tell you that the rumor was rampant and logical.  They did hang out a lot, even reportedly sleeping in the same bed.  Macaulay maintains nothing inappropriate happened during his Neverland sleepovers...  Again, this isn't necessarily the point either.



Part of Michael's rumored obsession with Macaulay is also rumored to be that he believed Culkin was the most beautiful person Michael had ever seen.  Their relationship even grew into a business one, as the two stars worked together on several projects, probably most-notably Michael's video for 1991's "Black Or White."


For obvious reasons, I will never be convinced that Michael's 'seed' impregnated Debbie Rowe. Remember, despite what Michael did to himself, his DNA was not white. I understand that it's biologically possible for the kids to be white with one white parent and one black parent, but all three children are white as the driven snow and bear NO resemblance to Michael.  Again, this is just my opinion.


I believe a donor was used in fertilizing Debbie Rowe, and I believe the donor for at least one of Michael's children (Paris specifically), was Macaulay Culkin.  It just makes so much sense.  I even thought this before I knew this final bit of info.  MACAULAY CULKIN IS PARIS JACKSON'S GODFATHER!  If you need further proof, look at this picture from Paris' Instagram!  I mean they look identical!



Again, I am no expert.  However, I am convinced that Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of at least one of Michael Jackson's children.


Macaulay Culkin
20th Century Fox/Jason Merritt, Getty Images

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