Hey guys, it's Steve. For anyone who knows me, you know that I'm a huge fan of Vin Diesel and a large part of that is the Fast and the Furious franchise. I was there for the Furious 7 opening night this past weekend, and yes you'll find me there again this weekend as I feel the need to share this moment with my friends.

This movie has its share of large scale stunts and huge explosions, but what I feel has carried this film franchise is the relationships it has formed between its characters and in turn the bond it creates with them and their fans. I am on the fanatic side of that scale, as I may be a little too passionate about things I enjoy.

We lost Paul Walker in November of 2013 and this changed the landscape of these films present and future. "How will they treat Paul's character?" Let me tell you I have enjoyed every film in this franchise that has had both Paul Walker and Vin Diesel starring side by side. And usually I find myself so excited that I'm racing from the theater. Furious 7 was no different, only this time I was racing to tell my brothers how I felt about them. You see the end of this movie is an awesome tribute to Paul Walker and it even seems they break down the movie barrier to give Vin Diesel a moment to talk to Paul not only as characters Dom to Brian, but as Vin talking to Paul. The scene as well as the song has haunted me with the reality that I need to always let loved ones know how I feel.  To this fan they did everything right this time around, and I hope this song hits rotation on the radio.

So get there fast or get there furious, just get to the theater and see this film.

I hope this song, and more importantly this movie gets you in the feel goods,


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