Do you know a teen who is looking for a fun summer job? People are always going to need babysitters and others willing to do lawn care and other menial tasks for little pay. But if you're in the market for something a little more interesting, why not check out some of these awesome summer job openings? Get your applications in quick--these are sure to fill up fast!

Burdette Park Lifeguard

While a life-guarding gig is still considered a typical teen summer job, Burdette Park is way more than your average neighborhood pool. And they have plenty of other positions available if life-guarding isn't really your thing.

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Mesker Park Zoo Camp Counselor

The zoo is looking for camp counselors. You get to work with kids and give presentations about animals. This would be a super fun job for all of the animal lovers out there!

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Holiday World Ride Attendant

If you're willing to put in the travel time, Holiday World has tons of seasonal openings in everything -- from shop clerks to food attendants to ride attendants to lifeguards and more. But it's definitely the perks that sold me-- "in-house" company parties, food and merchandise discounts, and the best part-- a free season pass for you and plenty of chances to win complimentary tickets for your friends.