It truly is a blight on society.

Ryan McCurdy

This is my friend Ryan. I've know him since college and served as a groomsman at his wedding. He's a pretty good friend. He's also a very dedicated family man.

Ryan McCurdy

He's basically every suburban dad stereotype you can imagine. And that's not a bad thing. Unfortunately, his family is currently enduring a unique hardship: He's decided to grow a mustache. And it's terrible.

If you have small children, turn them away from the computer now.

Ryan McCurdy

I know, it's very hard to look at. His wife has expressed her displeasure of his upper-lip hair and I'm sure his daughter is clinging to old photos of him and wondering where her daddy went.

However, you can help: Our friend Dan has started a petition to get Ryan to shave his mustache. The petition is only asking for 100 signatures. Please help us make a mustache-less future for our friends.

You can sign the petition here.

This is all in good fun and are no way attempting to body shame anyone who may choose to have a stylish mustache.