There is often talk from folks who visit Owensboro about how nice their community park is along the riverfront. Franklin Street Association wants to build a community park of our own here in Evansville, but they need the community's help.



Wouldn't it be cool if Evansville had a really nice community park that everyone could enjoy? I'm talking state of the art, you'll want to kick your kids off to take a turn, cool? The Franklin Street Association has launched a Go-Fund-Me to bring a state of the art community park to Franklin Street. The project, called Stop Light City, will cost an estimated $4 million and the City of Evansville & the Parks Department have given their approval. Now the Franklin Street Association has to raise some money. They've applied for a grant to help offset the cost of construction, but they are hoping the community will come together to raise the other $250,000. You can make a donation by visiting the Stop Light City Go Fund Me.


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