-by Philip Pepper, INTERN

No matter what age you are, whether you have kids of your own, you are younger, or in the “less young” category, you have probably heard of the video game Fortnite or PUBG. Here's a little bit of my insight as to what they are, how they are different from one another, and which one, in my opinion, is better.

So many people have flocked to the games and it has become one of the most popular topics on social media sites for the past few months. Superstars from all different backgrounds and genres have been seen playing these games, which has not only built the brand image for the two games, but has divided the gaming world. The biggest question now is which one is better? That is what everyone if asking and many people have strong opinions.

Before you can choose which one you like better, you should know the two games. They both are shooter games, that have a map of 100 total people. Throughout the game, you must loot around the map looking for weapons to kill the other players. As time passed, there is a zone that shrinks, making the map smaller. If you are outside of that zone, you can end up losing health, ultimately killing yourself and loosing. The point/mission of the game is to be the last person standing. If you have three other friends to play with, both games also allow you to squad up and try to be the last team standing. The game starts with you flying over the map in random directions every game, which makes you decide quickly where you want to land to start the game.They both are basically the same with small, fundamental changes in gameplay, and other things such as the map and setting of the game.

Fortnite, the most popular of the two, is a cartoony looking game, that makes players think challenges players to survive. With a smaller map size than PUBG, and the same number of players, you are more prone to land with a few other people, thus making gun fights/games go quicker. The key difference in Fortnite is that you can build walls, or even small fortresses. Building can be used to your advantage and could help you will win a gun fight or even a game. Along with the cartoony aspect of the game, the weapons you find, the characters you play as, and the overall look/feel of the game is fully fiction. Yes, it is a video game, but the environment of the map looks like something you would see in a dream or sci-fi movie. Fortnite is currently free to everyone and even allows players to purchase special editions to receive additional in-game items.

As for its predecessor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was created before Fortnite, but only as a PC game. When many players who had Xbox or PlayStation’s wanted in, the people behind Fortnite and PUBG quickly went to work. With so many people playing Fortnite, and so many big-name stars like Drake playing it, PUBG had to pick up the pace. The big difference in to two games is the realism. As I said, Fortnite is a cartoony type of game, whereas PUBG is more realistic. Yes, they are both video games, but PUBG is more like something you would see in real life. It has real guns that people use, real ammunition that you must pick up, and the overall look is more realistic than Fortnite. The main problem to PUBG is that the game is new, and has many kinks to fix. The game lags, and glitches occur for people sometimes. The graphics are behind compared to Fortnite, but where it lacks, it picks up in other areas. Like I said before, PUBG’s map is nearly double the size of Fortnite’s, allowing more areas to jump, and survive longer. The game right now is only available for Xbox user’s which again, makes people with PlayStations play Fortnite. PUBG is currently also $30 for the game, and is still being updated, making the game better over time.

Personally, I enjoy playing PUBG better. This usually causes people to give me funny looks. With Fortnite being so popular, why do I like PUBG better? I enjoy the realism of it better than the cartoony, sci-fi feel of Fortnite. I grew up playing video games like Medal of Honor on the PlayStation 1, a gritty game that was a lot of fun. I enjoy being in the fight, which PUBG brings. I also enjoy the simple fact that you cannot just build a wall to protect yourself, whereas in PUBG you must think tactically with every move, making sure you are protected since you cannot build your own cover like you can in Fortnite.. Using your surroundings like you would in real life and surviving until the end, is a great feeling.

As I said, this is my opinion, and many may disagree. But before you choose a side as to which one is better, try them both out if you want and see which one is for you.


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