So Destiny 2 is out now and because I large majority of my friends got it I decided to get it. The first one was meh so I never bought it. I gave the second one a chance and I love it. It helps that it is made by Bungie known for creating the Halo series which is my favorite FPS to date. You can definitely see the resemblance to Halo.

It is a lot like an MMO in the fact that you spawn into a universe with lots of other players. There are public events which is where anyone can join to fight the enemy with other players. If there are enough players joined in on the event then it becomes a Heroic Public event giving even better gear at the end.

Also with in the universe has the story missions which did not exist in the first one and side quests. As long as your friends have completed the story mission you are on they can help you complete it.

There is also of course PVP matches called the Crucible. You can do quick play or competitive matches in the crucible and it chooses a game type at random for you to play.

The biggest complaint I have so far is that fire teams can only have three people. Meaning only two friends can join your game and lots of times crucible matches are teams of 4 so you are forced to have one random on your team.

That being said I'm impressed that Bungie fixed all the issues with the first game and made it worth playing at least to me.

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