The latest buzz all over the internet right now is about the man who was charged for eating pancakes in the middle of a Florida street. Evidently, the man sat down for breakfast which included pancakes, with a folding table in the middle of a street. Traffic had to flow around the man, and 911 was called. According to Inside Edition, he was not arrested because he was gone by the time police arrived. However, because of his attempt to make a viral video, the perpetrator was caught on Facebook after being tagged in the video. The 21-year-old has been charged with obstructing traffic and has an upcoming court date. For more details, watch the video below!

All I have to say is, this guy is really all of us. I mean, if I want pancakes, I want pancakes, do I not? Do I care where I eat the pancakes when the craving strikes? If you gotta have pancakes, you gotta have pancakes, ya dig? I'm just saying, I probably would have done it when I was young and dumb too. Pancakes for life! Breakfast is the best meal anyway.

Let me end this post with saying I do not condone illegal behavior of any kind. As my parents used to say, “Do as I say, not as I do, or would have done when I was young and dumb.” I may have altered that quote just a little.

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