Everyone who knows me knows I love coffee. It's just a part of my genetic makeup. Coffee is in my DNA. I might be slightly exaggerating, but not by much. My dear grandmother started spoon feeding me coffee at the age of 8 months old and I've been hooked ever since. Thus, it's only right for me to share my favorite spots with you since I'm a coffee connoisseur and what-have-you *holds coffee cup pinky out*.

1) Honey+moon Coffee Company
Personally, this may be my favorite coffee shop in Evansville. I love a lot of places, but overall this place has amazing coffee for starters. Secondly, the atmosphere is just fabulous. Lastly, they have waffles. Seriously. I ate a S'mores waffle a few weeks ago and I am not sure I've ever been more in love with a waffle in my life. Not that people normally fall in love with waffles, but I did because of Honey+moon Coffee Company. Also, the toffee nut frap is cosmic deliciousness in a cup.

2) Wired Coffee House
Wired Coffee House has some pretty amazing roast. I had it catered in at an event and man, was it delicious! Even just black this stuff is incredible. Aptly named, Wired, I hear it's also the place to be when you want coffee and music as they have events regularly!

3) River City Coffee
River City Coffee Company is a unique mix of good coffee and creativity. Located in the River City shop, this little coffee bar serves a variety of coffees in a local consumer setting. A very neat place to check out, River City Coffee is no doubt some of the best in town.

4) Lucid Coffee (Newburgh)

Lucid is now based in Newburgh, but I was going when it was still a part of the old Bitterman building! Lucid's fresh coffee and good vibe is all the reason you need to be there.

5) River Kitty Cat Cafe
Aside from the beverages and menu, River Kitty Cat Cafe stands out from all of the others for another reason: the cats. Yes, this is Evansville's first cat cafe. At River Kitty Cat Cafe, you can play with actual cats that are up for adoption through the humane society! So obviously this place is amazing because you can drink your coffee and play with kitties! Who doesn't want that? (Other than people who are allergic to cats or hate life in general.)

Granted, I still have yet to try Proper Coffee, White Swan Coffee Lab, Coffee Cottage and Cafe, and Penny Lane but so far these 5 are my favorite local places to be for coffee. What's your favorite local coffee joint?

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