You may not know the story of the day you were born, but Axel and Jensen Crowe will have quite the story to tell.

These twin brothers are the first babies to be born in Southern Indiana in 2022. They weren't supposed to arrive for a few more weeks, but they wanted that top honor of being the first born.

In addition to that exciting news, the Crowe family has also made The Women's Hospital history. They are the first-ever set of twins to be the first babies born on New Year's Day. This is a miracle twenty years in the making.

Who is the Oldest Twin?

Only one minute separates the boys, but this will probably come up in little spats when they are tweens. Axel Wayne was born at 7:48 AM and weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces. Jensen Dean was born one minute later at 7:49 AM and weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces.


History has been made! The first New Years Day twins in The Women’s Hospital history were born at 7:48 and 7:49 am. They were also the first babies born in 2022 in Southern Indiana! Congratulations!!


The Most Babies Ever

Here's a fun little tidbit from the Guinness Book of World Records: The mother that has birthed the most babies in her lifetime was from Russia. Can you guess how many babies she had? 69! Yes, 69 children! She may have been part of a superhero family or lived in a shoe. I can't even imagine how you could feed all of them.

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