The story of Snow White is one we all know and love; a wicked queen puts a hit out on her beautiful stepdaughter in an effort to be "the fairest of them all" only to have the hit go south when the huntsman assigned to the task refuses to go through with it. That of course is when the young girl meets some unusual "little people" who take her in because she's the only one who will apparently clean up after them. Snow White and the Huntsman is not the story we grew up with.

Starring Twilight's Kristen Stewart in the lead role, along with Thor's Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsmen, and Charlize Theron as the Wicked Queen, this version of the world-renowned children's story depicts Snow White as one bad woman who isn't afraid to mix it up on the battlefield. As you'll see in the trailer, after Theron's Wicked Queen is told by her magic mirror that her title of "fairest in the land" is threatened by Snow White, she enlists Hemsworth's Huntsman to track down and kill the young girl so that she may eat her heart and gain immortality.

Scheduled for a summer 2012 release, Snow White and the Huntsmen will feature the computer generated special effects that have come to dominate the summer movie season. Check it out for yourself.


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