This weekend's "Saturday Night Live" was the best episode in a LONG time!  This is coming from a man who has seen almost every episode of the show.  Host Alec Baldwin was fantastic hosting for a record-breaking SEVENTEENTH time!  Between Baldwin's portrayal of President Donald Trump, Melissa McCarthy's doofy interpretation of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and Kate McKinnon's scathing portrayal of Kelly Anne Conway calling back to the days of Fatal Attraction, it was an extremely politically charged episode of "SNL!"

That is not a bad thing, though, because this season their political material is their best!  I'm sure everyone has seen the hysterical cold-open featuring Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as White House Goober Sean Spicer, and likely the "Donald Trump 'People's Court'" sketch  as well.  Here is one you may not have seen, though.  It features ANOTHER cameo, this time from SNL alumni Tracy Morgan, along with current cast member Keenan Thompson as Beyonce's unborn twins living the good life in Queen Bey's womb!

Check it out in the video player below!


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