Yep, you read that right. One yard sale. 150 miles long. That sound you hear is thousands of bargain shoppers and American Pickers-wannabes fainting.

The first ever Highway 41 Yard Sale begins in Henderson and runs south all the way through the state of Kentucky to the Tennessee border and features everyday residents of Kentucky setting up shop along the highway looking to unload knick-knacks, trinkets, and other items that have been taking up space in their homes and garages.

Robards, Kentucky resident, and the man credited for presenting the idea to the Henderson County Tourism Board, Billy Duncan, Sr. told 14 News he hopes the sale will "give the moms, pops and kids a little extra money to maybe just have a meal, you know, or get next month's rent."

The sale runs today and tomorrow and will also stretch over to Highway 41A.

The forecast calls for sunny skies and temps in the low 90's so if you have nothing better to do and a full tank of gas, take a drive and see what you can find. Who knows you might end up being one of those people who find something worth way more than you paid for it.