Increasingly the Fast and Furious franchise has felt like a superhero franchise. A group of heroes with seemingly infinite strength and abilities taking on the bad guys and becoming a family in the process. It's like Avengers meets the Fantastic Four, but with a lot of cars. With the movies already up to Part 7 and Paul Walker sadly gone, the series can't go on forever. So, how do they continue the brand? Just like the superheroes do: with spinoffs.

The Rock has previously teased a spinoff that would focus on his character in the films. Recently we spoke to fellow Fast and Furious star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and asked him about his interest in participating in a spinoff, specifically one with Tyrese, his partner-in-crime. They have such great antagonistic chemistry in the films, could a Tej and Roman spinoff be in the works?

I would LOVE for that to happen. I'd love it. But it would take people like you and all our great fans to let them know that you want that to happen. So, please do that.

Now an actor saying he wants more work is not necessarily breaking news. All actors want more work and don't want to publicly denounce any future opportunities. But, there have been talk about spinoffs, and Bridges and Tyrese are friends in real life, have great chemistry and he's obviously very excited about it. Not just, “Yeah sure, man, show me the money.”

The Rock spinoff never quite materialized (previously he said he would want to do it in between Fast and Furious 6 and Furious 7, but that obviously never happened) as his career got busier and busier. Vin Diesel isn't doing any spinoffs, so minus Letty, Tej and Roman are the only real candidates left.

Right now, Universal is clearly trying to figure out how to proceed with the Fast and Furious franchise following the death of Paul Walker. A Fast and Furious 8 will happen eventually, but perhaps a spinoff in between allows them the opportunity to move the storyline forward, while also giving them time to brainstorm the next proper Fast and Furious entry.

So, if you want to see a Fast and Furious spinoff, spread the word. Make your voice heard on social media. If Vin Diesel can rally his fans to get him into Guardians of the Galaxy, you guys can rally to get Ludacris and Tyrese their own Fast and Furious movie.

Furious 7 opens on April 3.

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