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Fargo (3 Seasons/FX)

FX Fargo Finale Preview Mortons Fork

Fargo is one of those shows that is hard to describe; the only way I can properly describe it is "You have to watch this show!" The show is looslely associated with the film of the same name. While there are connections to that film, the show is its own thing.

The show is part police drama, part crime story, and all parts good. The show is an anthology series so each season is self-contained. The first season is set in modern times and follows the investigation of a husband who killed his wife. The second is set in the 70's and follows a crime organization and how a young couple get mixed up in everything.

I'm currently enjoying season 2 and really like the shift from modern times to the 70's. With recent Golden Globe wins for the cast of season 3, I can't wait to see what they've done with that season.

The show has some of the best writing on TV and is often allowed to push the boundaries of what is allowed on cable television. FX embraces Fargo and you can tell the network is happy with the product that is being put out.

The show isn't always happy  and isn't afraid to go to some dark places and in that darkness the best stories are told. If you are a fan of Breaking Bad or similar shows, you'll feel right at home in Fargo.

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