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Facebook's Worst Job Is Armpit Handler

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly asked communications employees to blow dry his armpits before delivering big speeches or other appearances that cause him to sweat, according to excerpts released by the book, Facebook: The Inside Story. Allegedly, the tech giant experiences nerves before speeches and suffers from... spurts of anxiety sweat. (via Goat)

Fantasy Sports Have Taken Over the Bedroom

A surprising number of fantasy sports players have allowed their hobby to take over both the workplace and the bedroom. Of those who were caught in the office using their fantasy account, 12% were suspended, demoted or had their pay lessened. Meanwhile, nearly 20% of people have turned down sex to focus on a fantasy team. (via 93.9 Indy's Rock Station)

Preparing for Mercury Retrograde

The current Mercury Retrograde, which began on February 16, will mark the first in this decade. As the planet appears to move back in its orbit from Earth's perspective, it will re-enter Aquarius in early March before returning to the sign of the fish by mid-March. Since Mercury is the planet of communication and rational thinking, there are some travel delays, complicated dating scenarios and other chaotic issues to be expected. (via Refinery 29)

Bad Habits That Could Make You Sick

Flu season is certainly still upon us and with heightening concerns surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus, there are some habits that should be dropped to prevent illness. Some of these habits include, not getting enough sleep, smoking, biting your nails and eating at your desk. (via Forever State College)

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