Bookworms Unite

Growing up, I could devour books like no one's business. Of course, this was before adult responsibilities when having time wasn't a struggle. Once my parents put me to bed, I was ready with my current read stashed under my bed. Now, before you start picturing mini-Melissa under the covers with a flashlight, I must admit my methods were much more clever if I do say so myself.

Unsplash/Annie Spratt
Unsplash/Annie Spratt

As soon as my parents were asleep, I would tiptoe from my room to the bathroom next to my bedroom and flip on the light. It provided just enough light for me to lay on the other end of my bed and read to my little heart's content. No fumbling with a cumbersome flashlight in between turning pages or overheating under stuffy blankets. I could finish a book a night and then wake up for school the next night without a single regret.

If I could put, "Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in a single night" on my resume, it would be my most prized accomplishment.

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A Vending Machine For Books

Of course, my inner child jumped for joy at the news that EVSC installed a vending machine of every bookworm's dream.

The new addition, appropriately named "Inchy's Bookworm Vending Machine," was installed at Stockwell Elementary School in hopes of providing new literacy opportunities for students that will encourage them to get excited about reading.

According to WEVV, who covered the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the project was funded by donors like Altrusa International and parents. One child from each grade level, who exhibit exemplary behavior and academic achievement, was chosen to be among the first group to receive tokens for a free book.

Ryan Purkey, a fifth-grade teacher at Stockwell, told 44 News, "It is going to spread excitement for reading to over 500 students."

A Larger Literacy Campaign

The vending machine is part of the school's efforts to encourage reading in a technology-dominated world. The books were specially selected by PTA members with student opinions and interests in mind.

It definitely makes my heart happy to see the love of reading stand the test of time so that more children can find their own ways to stay up way too late just to see how the story ends.

Books that Have Recently Been Challenged in School Systems Across the US

Across the country, legislators and school administrators are seeing a spike in efforts to prohibit certain materials from being available in libraries. As a result, books that explore topics such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and other social issues are being targeted. The American Library Association received over 330 reports in the last year alone, containing multiple books that are being challenged all over the U.S.

Check out the following gallery to see some of the books that are currently in hot seats across the country.

Click on the below links to read an additional synopsis of each book. *As Amazon associates we earn on qualifying purchases.

Live Like A Storybook Character Inside the This Iconic Charlevoix Mushroom House

If you head to Charlevoix, Michigan you are sure to see the unique row of 4 Mushroom Homes situated on Park Avenue. The homes are the creation of artist design by Michigan-born builder/ architect Earl Young, the homes have become a bit of a tourist destination. Always something to marvel at with their storybook, Hobbit cottage-like appearance, the homes have become legendary, and now one can become yours. The Thatch House is not for sale for $4,500,000 and offers 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and 6000 square feet of whimsical living space. Take a look inside what can be your very own fairytale home.

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