Beauty is subjective, but when it really comes down to it, every woman is beautiful in her own way. Makeup Artist, Eva DeVirgilis sees that beauty in every woman who sits down in her chair, even when they can't see it themselves and she is speaking out about it.

Eva DeVirgilis speaks from her heart in this very powerful and moving TEDx speech.


What I found to be most interesting about what she has to say is that she is right. I bet you at least once a day I apologize for my appearance. Even when someone pays me a compliment about my appearance, I inevitably have something negative to say about myself. "Oh! Nooo... my hair looks like crap today." or "Ha! I don't have any makeup on. I know I look tired today, but thanks..." These are the kinds of things that I say... all the time. And you know what? I don't even realize that I'm doing it 90% of the time.

Now, I saw a quote one time that said, "Be nice to yourself. It's hard to be happy when someone is being mean to you all the time." I have always remembered this, but Eva's video really brought to light just how hard I am on myself - how hard WE are on ourselves. So, I challenge you to be nicer to yourself and I am going to work on being nicer to myself.

♥ Kat

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